G5N 2015 - Gunung 5 Nuang (Mt Nuang)
Date: 29th Aug 2015 (Sat) – 30st Aug 2015 (Sunday) Malaysia Public Holiday
Distance: 5 set (Nuang Entrance – Nuang Summit – Nuang Entrance)
Time: 0600 (29th August 2015) - 1800 (30th August 2015)
Distance: 100km
Elevation gain: 8000m
Duration: 33 hours (Cut off for each loop applies)
Entry Fee: RM9.99
Max. Participants: 15 people

IT IS A RUN, IT IS NOT A RACE. And I would like reiterate the 3 key values of G5N 2015.

1) The ability of runners to take care of themselves, regardless the adversity.
2) Respect for nature
3) Trust and Honesty

Rules (Yes, YOU! Read Every Word!):

  • You do not join this run THINKING you are strong and tough with “I can” attitude. You join this run because you ARE mentally and physically strong and tough. It is G5N, aiming to complete less than 5 loops by joining just to try out your luck is an act of coward. And I will slap you!

  • Mandatory Items: Anything you need to complete and survive in a jungle. Remember you need at least 4-5hrs for 1st loop and it will take longer progressively for subsequent loops. Think “Safety” rather than “Sorry”. If you really need to ask, you really don’t need to join.

  • Basecamp, known as the starting/finishing point of each loop, is where you eat, sleep, cry, whine and DNF. Pee and Poo please go elsewhere. Food and drinks are cooked by Master Chef (Julie) and they taste heavenly delicious (basically anything is after 2 loops). There are simple medical kits and no ambulance. Hospital is as far as I can send you to for any life-threatening incident provided you manage to crawl out of the mountain. Please don’t do this to me.

  • Loud and Clear - NO pacer/company during the run other than participants who choose to do it in group and that applies for ALL 5 loops. Spirits and ghosts are exception. If you are phobic with being alone or in darkness, this isn’t the right game for you. Don’t try to be smart in circumventing this rule by giving me “But…he only hikes halfway with me”, “what if she coincidently hikes the mountain same day/night as me?”, “I am so exhausted and I need…” – Just shut up and DNF/DQ.

  • Trail is visibly marked and well-trodden by regular hikers, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Any path that requires you to machete your way out is probably the wrong path. Having say that, people do get lost – so practice your common sense, IF there is any left after 3rd loop inside a dark, cold, rainy and ghostly mountain.
  • UTMB 3 Point by completion NOT participation okay! And make sure you do so within cut-off and without breaking rules. If your sole purpose is to collect points to qualify for other races, seriously consider other milder 100km, because this is so not worth it. Think permanent physical and mental disability and there is no medal and finisher-T for compensation!

  • Loop Cut-off. Yes, there is “reasonable” cut-off for each loop and the whole run. My intention is to make the success rate as low as 30%. Beat me if you can. It goes like this:

  1. 1st loop: 5hrs
  2. 2nd loop: 6hrs
  3. 3rd loop: 7hrs
  4. 4th loop: 8hrs
  5. 5th loop: 7hrs
  • Once again – Don’t argue. Don’t negotiate. Don’t complain. I don’t aim to please. Having say all these, I still believe I am quite an accommodating and nice fellow. 

Application Process (Step by Step):

1. From 13rd January 2015 – 28th February 2015

Write me an email (gunung5nuang@gmail.com) with the subject line: G5N 2015 Application. Tell us you REAL intention in joining the run AND state one ultra-race (min. 100km trail) you have successfully completed in your current life. Be honest and genuine. Don’t get funny with me.

2. From 1st March 2015 – 31st March 2015
Selection process begins. There are only 15 slots and the G5N team will review your application and select a mix of past G5N participants and 1st timers. I will be honest with you – the selection can be subjective and really based on how you craft your email in (1). I do NOT care whether you are a champion, legend, nobody, somebody, enemy or even my close friend. If you can’t take rejection, stop. There will be no appealing process and no explanation will be given. This is not an interview.

3. From 1st April 2015 – 30th April 2015

Those who are selected will be contacted to provide detailed personal information and particulars. You have ONE month’s time to confirm your final participation. Fee (Rm9.99) is paid on race day. Do honor your words once you have confirmed your attendance. I REALLY hate to bring this up: people either complain about expensive races or have no respect for low-fee events, which they can afford to default easily because it is cheap. Let me say one thing very clear: Just because the fee is cheap, does not mean the run is cheap, as in G5N, the team does put a lot of effort voluntarily which I cannot thank them enough.

4. From 1st May

Final List of Participants announced. Empty slots will be refilled again from the same email pool.

Train, Eat, Sleep – Repeat until D day!

*Do not email/SMS/call me for late application citing thousands of reasons. Life isn’t Perfect. Live with it. It’s only a run.

G5N - 2014 RESULT